The Steam beta client, Valve’s public test branch, has just rolled out an update that offers extended support for Xbox controllers. The biggest change here is the additional support for the Xbox Elite controller, which we recently declared the best PC controller, with the ability to bind the rear paddles in controller configurations.

The Xbox Series X controller also gets some extended support, with the share button now bindable. Valve has also added the ability to use more than four Xbox controllers on Steam simultaneously. The beta client also now has support for trigger rumble in games that use Windows.Gaming.Input API.

It’s not just Xbox controllers getting some love here, though. There’s a small update for PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller too, allowing for LED customisation. The controller’s LEDs can now either be enabled, disabled entirely, or only enabled when multiple DualSense controllers are connected to Steam. This might seem minor but it shows Valve isn’t done tinkering with this particular piece of hardware yet, with the holy grail for players being support for the exceptional haptic feedback function.

Valve did have a small hiccup initially putting the update out. If you’re having trouble getting it to work, go into Controller Settings, update the driver and restart your PC.